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用AFtEr 造句子,怎么造

After that,I do my homework.

1、After school,we went home. 我们放学后回家了。 2、We have a break after class. 我们下课以后休息一会。 3、Let us play volleyball after class. 让我们放学后打篮球吧。 4、We are queueing after you. 我排队排在你后面。 5、He was fi...

答案:I usually play baseball after school . 翻译:我通常在放学后打棒球。 不懂再问,在线为你解答 【帮到你望及时采纳,你的10分满意,我们团队的无限动力】

组词 、煌煌、炳煌:辉煌:辉煌、生辉、丹辉、炖煌、清辉、闪辉 煌组词 、辉映、煌荣、增辉、纤辉、煌灼、煌熠

用after all 造句: 1、He failed after all. 他还是失败了。 2、We still can't quite believe he's here with us after all this time . 我们还是不太敢相信,过了这么久,他居然还和我们一起呆在这里。 3、Perhaps I had misjudged him, and ...

After having breakfast, he goes to school.

Nina and Mary were in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner. 吃过晚饭,尼娜和玛丽在厨房里收拾。

It is modeled after the same pattern. 它是依照同一模型制成的 ~如果你认可我的回答,请及时点击【采纳为满意回答】按钮~ ~手机提问的朋友在客户端右上角评价点【满意】即可。 ~你的采纳是我前进的动力~~ O(∩_∩)O,互相帮助,祝共同进步!

After leaving school , we will go to work in Beijing 毕业后,我们去北京工作 你的采纳 我的动力 希望我能继续帮助你

I cooked the dinner today. First I asked my parents about what they liked to have for dinner. Next I went to the shop and bought something.Then I washed all the fresh materials and after that cooked them. finally all our family...


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