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用AFtEr 造句子,怎么造

1、After school,we went home. 我们放学后回家了。 2、We have a break after class. 我们下课以后休息一会。 3、Let us play volleyball after class. 让我们放学后打篮球吧。 4、We are queueing after you. 我排队排在你后面。 5、He was fi...

I usually play baseball after school .

after 造句 They met in June and became lovers soon after.他们在六月相遇, 不久就成了情侣。 The day after, he apologized.次日,他道歉了。 They lived happily ever after.他们后来一直生活得很幸福。

We went to the cinema after school. 放学后我们去看电影了. 希望能帮到你

组词 、煌煌、炳煌:辉煌:辉煌、生辉、丹辉、炖煌、清辉、闪辉 煌组词 、辉映、煌荣、增辉、纤辉、煌灼、煌熠

I usually play football after class.

i usually do my homework after lunch

After what had happened he could not continue to work there. 鉴于所发生的事情,他不可能继续在那里工作下去了。 After all our efforts, the experiment failed. 尽管我们做了努力,试验还是失败了。

1. used to 过去常常做某事:I used to get up at 5. 我过去常常5点起床。 2. a number of 一些,若干:I have a large number of books. 我有好多书。 3. wait for 等待: I will wait for you at the bus station.我将在汽车站等你。 4. clean...

After having breakfast, he goes to school.


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